Some History

A while back I met a model who did a few shoots for me. At one point during a shoot, she told me about her younger sister and how her sister had a sexy body that would possibly fit my likes. She asked me if I would be interested in her. I told her that of course I would be interested as I am constantly looking for new girls. She did explain to me however that her sister was a college student and was not the typical girl who would be into adult modeling and had no experience in the adult industry, so she had to talk to her about it first. Her sister refused to work with me. I thought nothing of it and just continued my life as models come and go in this business. I did not ask why she refused or cared to even know.

A few months later while shooting with the model, she told me that her sister would be interested after all. I said great! And this is how I met Eliana, the Thick Ass Beauty.

Eliana is a very shy and introverted girl. When I first worked with her I had to be extra cautious and take her out of her comfort zone slowly and carefully. At first, I only did non nude shoots in sexy lingerie, teaching her the basic modeling poses. As I got to know her and gained her confidence, Eliana started to open up to more aggressive shoots. I started dressing her in skimpier lingerie and shoots with no panties. We also did some oiled ass shoots.

Not only did I enjoy working with Eliana, but I really liked her body. She has a gorgeous voluptuous figure, she's tall - 5' 8", has very thick thighs and a big ass with some incredibly big ass cheeks. Breasts measuring 36D. She's only a young 25 with very nice skin. On top of all this, she is very pretty and has beautiful long hair.

After a few shoots with Eliana, I wanted to take things up a notch and move into some hardcore scenes. I scheduled lunch with her so I can talk to her about it. I was a little nervous to bring this up to her just because of how introverted she is. She didn't have to think twice about it and accepted to try new things in our shoots. The first thing that I proposed to her was to do a solo dildo scene. We later did some scenes where I fingered her clit until she cummed. Lately we have been doing scenes were she performs handjobs. Currently we are working on some blowjob scenes. There's still plenty of new things to come, so if you're liking this site, I suggest you keep checking back for new content surprises.

Some of the earlier work that I did with Eliana appears in my sister site Big Oiled Up Asses. I was so intrigued with her that I decided to open up a website specially for her to get more dedicated content created just with her. I have to admit one thing to you. I am completely obsessed with Eliana's body. I love her thick thighs and her gorgeous big ass. You can just imagine how horny I get when I am shooting with her. Eliana has also confessed to me that she also gets very horny during the shoots and enjoys them very much. This is so obvious as I regularly see how wet she gets when I work with her. What keeps me even more excited is how Eliana is always into trying new things.

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Body Stats

Ethnicity Age Height Weight Bust Waist Hips Thighs
Latina 25 5' 8" 190 lbs 36C 32" 49" 30"







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